A bit of a PSA

It's honestly a bit sad that I have to create a page just to explain this, but better safe than sorry.

I only use two domains (fizzylafizz.com and pamula.xyz) as my "home on the internet". Thus, if you see any URL that is pointing to a domain/website which uses the fizzylafizz or pamula name but ends in anything other than .com or .xyz respectively, it is not a website managed by me.

But I've seen other websites like id.fizzylafizz.com and store.fizzylafizz.com. What are those about?

The "id" and "store" in front of the domain is what's called a sub-domain. Essentially, they are simply branches of my domain. As long as it still ends with fizzylafizz.com, it is guaranteed to be a site under my control. If you are sent a link which uses the fizzylafizz name, but ends with anything other than .com, then please report it to this email address for me to investigate.

This is an example of a legit Fizzy LaFizz website. Notice that the domain (the parts in white) say www.fizzylafizz.com. This is 100% legit.

This is an example of a non-genuine Fizzy LaFizz website. Note that the domain ends with .store, which I do not use.

(the URL in the image is actually something I made up on the spot—it's not a URL which works anyway :P)