About Me

A narcissistic life story. Even I'm aware of that.

Also, I'm a GUY. I know my voice on the radio is super high.


I'm Fizzy, nice to see you around! I am an Accounting student at the University of Indonesia, and I was also a radio host on a number of radios. You may have heard my voice on air!

What do I do?

As I said, I am a full-time university student currently pursuing a degree in accounting. I am also the Station Manager at Radio Telekomunikasi Cipta Universitas Indonesia (RTC UI FM).  In my spare time, I do things around the world of IT and finance with a little bit of statistical analysis to top things off.

That's it!

That's as far as I am willing to tell about myself on a publicly available website. If you want to contact me, head over here.